Sektion Coleoptera

Systematische Schwerpunkte

d.h. artenreiche oder typenreiche Gruppen, oder Sammlungsteile von besonderem historischem Wert:

Geographische Schwerpunkte

  • Westpaläarktis
  • Südamerika
  • Afrika (insbesondere Ostafrika und Südafrika)
  • Australien
  • Neuguinea

Forschungsprojekte von Michael Balke

IndoBioSys – Indonesian Biodiversity Discovery and Information System

Indonesian Biodiversity Discovery and Information System Indobiosys is a German-Indonesian research project (2015-2018). The project is coordinated at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in collaboration with the Zoologische Staatssammlung München and the Research Center for Biology – LIPI in Cibinong, Indonesia. All institutions look back to a longstanding and fruitful research cooperation for more than […]

Diving Beetles of Thailand

This project is carried out by Wisrutta Atthakor (Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand) and Michael Balke and Lars Hendrich, ZSM Munich based on a DFG funded initiation of international cooperation project. Helena Shaverdo (Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna, Austria) joined as a taxonomic expert and supports training and capacity building. Project website: