Sektion Mollusca

Forschungsprojekte der Sektion Mollusca

„Gibt’s da immer noch was zu erforschen?“ (Oma des Kurators)

Extern finanzierte Forschungsprojekte:

  • Diversity and evolution of Antarctic gastropods (DFG)
  • Phylogeny and evolution of Acochlidia (DFG, VW)
  • Deep molluscan phylogeny (DFG)
  • Corambid and suctorian sea slug evolution (DFG)
  • Heterobranch gastropod microanatomy and molecular systematics (DFG)
  • Integrative sea slug taxonomy (DAAD – CNPq)
  • Brazilian polyclad diversity (DAAD – CNPq)
  • 3D microanatomy and systematics of selected gastropods (statal stipend)
  • Evolution of parasitic copepods (statal stipend)
  • Diversity and integrative taxonomy of Bavarian gastropods (BFB, GBOL, stipend applied for)
  • plus many collaborative research paper projects in progress (various funding sources)

REM Projekte

Umbrella-projects of the Mollusca Section

Umbrella-projects of the Mollusca Section

Revision of Indo-Pacific chitons Enrico Schwabe Fig. 1. The polyplacophoran species Squamopleura araucariana (Carpenter in Pilsbry, 1893) (CASIZ 076480) from New Caledonia. A. dorsal view of the left half of the second valve. B. detail of the dorsal perinotum scales, in situ. C. anterior portion of radula. D.central and lateral teeth of radula, on the […]