The laboratory is equipped with facilities for conducting a variety of micro-morphological methods. These include:

  • Preparation of serial sections for light microscopy and ultrastructure (fixation, embedding, sectioning, staining).
  • Whole mount staining techniques (histochemical, cytochemical) for fluorescence microscopy
  • preparations for scanning electron microscopy
Microscopy laboratory of the ZSM

The laboratory is specialised in preparation of ribboned “semithin (=epoxy resin) sections”, which are most useful for computer 3D-reconstruction.

The equipment includes a rotary-microtome (HM 360, Microm) and an ultra-microtome (MT XL, RMC).

Light optical laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with high end stereo (MZ 12, Leica; SZX 12, Olympus) and compound (DM RBE, Leica) microscopes and discussion microscopes.

The microscopes are provided with digital cameras (Spot Insight, Diagnostic Instruments; ProgRes C12plus, Jenoptik).

Special software is available for infinite focus images (Auto-Montage, Syncroscopy) and 3D-reconstruction/visualisation of specimens (Amira, Mercury Computer Systems).

Microscopy laboratory of the ZSM