The Scanning EM at the ZSM, a Leo 1430VP, is used by various scientists from both the ZSM and the Biozentrum of the LMU. Here we provide examples of recent and ongoing studies which use the conventional, low voltage, low vacuum, and QBSE modes.

SEM unit at the ZSM


REM-Projects Biozentrum (AG Haszprunar)

Metamorphosis of flatfish head and visual system (Psetta maxima) (Konstanze Grundmann, Martin Heß) – During metamorphosis the flatfish head undergoes striking anatomical changes. Starting from “usual” bilateral symmetry and “normal” swimming posture (top pictures) the right eye of the turbot migrates across the vertex (bottom pictures) to reach its final position on the left body side.
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Mandibular “oil presses” of Gondwanan pergid sawflies

Certain Australian sawflies have morphological adaptation that are unique among phytophagous insects. Modifications to the mandibles (mandibular “oil presses”) in the subfamily Perginae evidently allow them to deal with large amounts of essential oils in their host plants.
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REM-Projects Section Lepidoptera

Schmetterlingseier der Gattung Idaea Schmetterlingseier von Idaea serpentata (links) und Idaea filicata (rechts) (Geometridae, Spanner; Foto M. Junker). … wie ein Ei dem anderen gleicht – das gilt nicht für Schmetterlingseier, denn hier sind die Oberflächenskulpturen häufig arttypisch und von großem Interesse für die Zoologen.
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REM-Projects Section Arthropoda varia

SEM-description of Pycnogonida (Tobias Lehmann, Roland Melzer) Habitus and isolated egg of Callipallene emaciata. References Hübner J, Wagner P, Lehmann T. & Melzer RR (2017) Testing species delimitation with larval morphology: SEM analysis of protonymphon larvae of two closely related pantopods, Pallenopsis patagonica (Hoek, 1881) and Pallenopsis yepayekae Weis, 2014. Invertebrate Systematics 31: 363-374.
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Umbrella-projects of the Mollusca Section

Revision of Indo-Pacific chitons Enrico Schwabe Fig. 1. The polyplacophoran species Squamopleura araucariana (Carpenter in Pilsbry, 1893) (CASIZ 076480) from New Caledonia. A. dorsal view of the left half of the second valve. B. detail of the dorsal perinotum scales, in situ. C. anterior portion of radula.
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