Section Diptera

Research projects at the Diptera Section

(as of February 2024)


Martin Spies:

  • Continuous physical and electronic inventorying of animal and document holdings at ZSM concerning Chironomidae, as well as their actualisation according to taxonomic or nomenclatural changes in the chironomid system.
  • Continuation of an electronic registry concerning the nomenclature and geographic distribution of the Chironomidae in Europe. Earlier version published as part of the Fauna Europaea database (Sæther & Spies 2004, 2011, Spies & Sæther 2004; see publication list.
  • Continuation of an electronic catalogue and bibliography of Neotropical Chironomidae. First edition published by Spies & Reiss (1996).
  • Successive taxonomic revision of members of the Harnischia complex (Chironomidae), especially of Parachironomus and neighboring genera.