Section Insecta varia

Research of the Insecta varia Section

  • Morphology and Phylogeny of Hydradephaga (Coleoptera) Functional morphology and evolution of structures and organs in aquatic insects especially wings and gills in basic Pterygota
  • Monitoring of freshwater insects in Bavaria
  • Maintenance of an information center for freshwater Crustacea : Anostraca, Notostraca, Conchostraca (catalogue together with M. Engelmann), assessment of larger Branchiopoda in Bavaria, in collaboration with M. Hess and U. Heckes
  • Studies in the colonisation of temporary pools by insects and cystobiont crayfishes in the tropic areas (rainforests), deserts and the temperate areas
  • Collection of aquatic insects and other invertebrates especially drangonflies and damselflies of the area of the biological ward Panguana in Peru (together with L. Börzsöny)
  • Evaluation of alternative methods for the conventional pest control in- and outdoors with documentation of invasion strategies of pest species
  • Recording and evaluation of the fauna of limnic habitats with special remarks on the population of Mosquitoes (Culicidae) – accompanying studies and report in the application of B.t.i. against mosquitoes
  • Monitoring of freshwater insects of the southern part of Bavaria, especially bogs, swamps and glacial relicts
  • Hydrobiological and fauinistic investigations of freshwater areas of the river Amper and the floodplains and the south-western parts of the “Dachauer Mooses” (Fußbergmoos, Überackermoos) (1978-current), bogs of Riß-glacial in Bavaria
  • Faunistic investigations of freshwater invertebrates (macroinvertebrates) of major rivers in Bavaria (Donau, Lech, Isar, Amper, Alz, Inn); zoogeography und biology of potamobiontic species – records of mass fligths of the species of streams and rivers
  • Determination and advice concerning “insect pests” and parasites for medical institutes and consumer advice centre.

Research projects of Lars Hendrich

Diving Beetles of Thailand

This project is carried out by Wisrutta Atthakor (Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand) and Michael Balke and Lars Hendrich, ZSM Munich based on a DFG funded initiation of international cooperation project. Helena Shaverdo (Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna, Austria) joined as a taxonomic expert and supports training and capacity building. Project website: