Section Arthropoda varia

Research projects of the Arthropoda varia Section

  • Evolution and development of sensory systems in Arthropoda and their impact on the reconstruction of phylogeny. Animals in study: Triops, Nebalia, various decapod larvae (Crustacea), Scutigera, Cylindroiulus and Archispirostreptus (Myriapoda). Cooperations with Steffen Harzsch (Ulm) and Carsten Müller (Rostock).
  • Studies on taxonomy and biogeography of Myriapoda (J. Spelda)
  • Studies on the larval development in Decapoda (Mediterranean Sea and Costa Rica). Cooperation with Ingo Wehrtmann (Costa Rica).
  • SEM-studies on Pycnogonida. Cooperations with F. Krapp (Bonn) and M. Heß (LMU Munich).
  • Studies on taxonomy and development of Caprellidae. Cooperation with T. Krapp (Bonn) and A. Libertini (Venice/Italy).
  • Functional morphology and evolution of teleost retinas. Cooperations with M. Heß (LMU Munich) and Frank Reckel (Munich).
  • Coordinative work in the node Evertebrata II of the GBIF-D project (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) and realisation of two of the node’s subprojects:
  • (1) GLoMyrIS: Global Myriapod Information-System (J. Spelda, M. Unsöld, M. Ritzerfeld, C. Pilz, R.R. Melzer): A meta database integrating biodiversity information on Myriapoda. The main topic is the databasing of the primary types of myriapods at the ZSM and other German collections, especially the collection of Karl-Wilhelm Verhoeff (about 3.500 Typen housed at the ZSM). By the end of 2004, the database contained 10.000 datasets on collection objects, 5.000 mediafiles, 17.000 datasets on taxon names and about 30.000 datasets connecting literature and taxon. Furthermore, pdf-files of old myriapod literature are made.
  • (2) TyMunAc – Types of Munich Acari (J. Bohn, , M.F. Montoya, J. Martin, P.C. Koch, R.R. Melzer): A type database on the Acari collections housed at the ZSM, especially those of Vitzthum, Popp, and Willmann/Hirschmann with altogether more than 3.700 types. By the end of 2004, the database contained 2.300 datasets on collection objects (among these are 1.600 primary types), about 1.200 mediafiles (objects and labels), about 18.000 Datensätze on taxon names and about 1.400 datasets connecting taxon and literature. Furthermore, pdf-files of old Acari original descriptions and other literature are made.
  • The datasets of these two projects are accessible at the GBIF-D and the SYSTAX websites, respectively.


Scanning EM projects

REM-Projekte der Sektion Arthropoda varia

REM-Projekte der Sektion Arthropoda varia

SEM-description of Pycnogonida (Tobias Lehmann, Roland Melzer) Habitus and isolated egg of Callipallene emaciata. References Hübner J, Wagner P, Lehmann T. & Melzer RR (2017) Testing species delimitation with larval morphology: SEM analysis of protonymphon larvae of two closely related pantopods, Pallenopsis patagonica (Hoek, 1881) and Pallenopsis yepayekae Weis, 2014. Invertebrate Systematics 31: 363-374. LehmannT, […]