Insecta varia

Currently the following groups are curated:

Mayflies, dragonflies and damselflies, stoneflies and caddisflies, alderflies, dobsonflies, fishflies (Ephemeroptera, Odonata, Plecoptera,Trichoptera, Megaloptera.

In addition to the insects orders mentioned above, the Insecta varia section is also in charge of the following groups: cockroaches, earwigs, termites, scorpionflies and hangingflies, fleas, lacewings, mantispids, antlions, and owlflies, bristletails and other apterygote insects (Entognatha), (Dermaptera, Embioptera, Blattodea, Isoptera, Mecoptera, Siphonaptera, Planipennia, Raphidioptera, Apterygota), aquatic Heteroptera till 2002.