Arthropoda varia

Section Arthropoda varia

The section Arthropoda varia of the ZSM houses all non-insect arthropods (Arachnida, Crustacea, Myriapoda). The staff’s main focus lies upon Acari, Malacostraca, Myriapoda, and Pycnogonida. Taxonomic studies as well as analyses of morphology and “evo-devo” are used to reconstruct phylogeny and/or develop evolutionary scenarios (see research). For this purpose a broad spectrum of imaging techniques are utilized, including the scanning electron microscope.

Arthropda varia

The most important elements of our collection include Verhoeff’s millipeds and the Acari collections of Vitzthum, Kneissl, Willmann, and Hirschmann (see history, collection) with several thousands of specimens that were databased as part of two GBIF-Projects (GBIF-Evertebrata II). Currently the main collection areas are located in the Mediterranean Sea and the Chilean fjord region (Huinay Scientific Field Station). In addition this section takes part in teaching at the LMU München (zoology and systematic biology).