Section Evertebrata varia

Research topics of the Evertebrata varia Section

  • Type catalogues and data basing of the Cnidaria and Echinodermata of the
  • Acquisition of micromorphological methods – histological sectioning techniques, 3D computer visualization
  • Publishing of interactive 3D models in morphology (e.g. Web embedded 3D PDFs)
  • Microantomy and development of molluscs (e.g. Gastropoda, Monoplacophora) and other everterbrates
  • Nephrogenesis in molluscs and sipunculans (DFG RU-895/4-1)
  • Contributions to the book series “Das Mittelmeer” – chapters Priapulida, Echiurida, Mollusca-Pulmonata
  • Historical investigations related to material, scientists and expeditions related to the the section Evertebrata varia