Geometrid Moths of Europe (GME/INGE)

see also: The Geometrid Moths of Europe Update

Cooperation project with Apollo Books, Stenstrup, (P. Skou), ETI, Amsterdam (‘ Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification’, Dr. R. Heijman), Zool. Bot. Institut, Tartu, Estonia (Dr. J. Viidalepp) and the ‘Zoological Institute of Russia’, St. Petersburg (Dr. V.G. Mironov). Aims are the provision of comprehensive monographs for all Geometrid moths of Europe (ca. 950 species), provision of detailed differential diagnoses, compilation of distributional and ecological data and accurate examination of nomenclatural availability and taxonomic validity of all published names.

The ZSM part of the project (Vol. 1 and 2) was granted in the framework of the BIOLOG program (“inventory of the Geometrid moths of Europe”, BIOLOG/EDIS/INGE) in the years 2000-2003 (lead: Dr. A. Hausmann). The book series “The Geometrid Moths of Europe” is aimed to provide identification tools for both amateurs and professionals. The series is planned to be completed in 6 volumes as follows:

Vol. 1: Introduction. – “Archiearinae-Geometrinae” (Archiearinae, Orthostixinae, Alsophilinae, Geometrinae): by A. Hausmann. 283 pp.; published in 2001 by Apollo Books

Vol. 2: Sterrhinae: by A. Hausmann, 600 pp; published in 2004 by Apollo Books

Vol. 3: “Larentiinae I”: all tribes except for Perizomini and Eupitheciini: by A. Hausmann &J. Viidalepp (publication 2012)

Vol. 4: “Larentiinae II”: Perizomini and Eupitheciini: by V. Mironov (ed. A. Hausmann). 486 pp.; published in 2003 by Apollo Books

Vol. 5: “Ennominae I”: by Peder Skou & Pasi Sihvonen (ed. A. Hausmann)

Vol. 6: “Ennominae II”: by B. Müller(ed. A. Hausmann)