Geometridae Mundi

In the framework of the project Projekt Geometridae Mundi (initiated in 2007) an illustrated digital Catalogue of all geometrid moth taxa worldwide will be generated (23,000 valid species, 3,500 valid subspecies). The project is performed in cooperation between the ZSM, the research initiative Forum Herbulot and Dr. Hans Löbel (Sondershausen), who leads the project together with Dr. A. Hausmann (ZSM). The html database is developed offline and is aimed to become an open access database later on. Actual coverage (October 2010): Close to 40% of the world’s fauna. Cooperation partners who provide essential contributions are welcome and will get the offline working version free of charge. Interfaces to similar other global projects (zB CATE, EoL, Lepidops) will be developed in order to gain maximum synergic effects.