DNA Barcoding Lepidoptera (iBOL WG 1.9)

The Global Campaign DNA barcoding Geometridae in cooperation with the Canadian Centre of DNA Barcoding (Dr. Paul Hebert) was started in 2006 and aims to sequence mtDNA fragments (COI, 5’, 658 bp) for geometrid moths worldwide. The ZSM (Dr. A. Hausmann) is leading and managing this campaign. Up to October 2011 more than 90,000 specimens belonging to far more than 13,000 species were DNA-‚barcoded’. Digital images and distributional data are accessible in the Taxonomy browser of BOLD Systems, most of the vouchers are deposited at the ZSM. Simultaneosly, the World catalogue of available geometrid names was updated (more than 3,000 changed data sets) and made accessible in the www. In 2008, the ZSM (Dr. A. Hausmann) took responsibility and lead of the iBOL WG 1.9 Lepidoptera.

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